Hut_of Interiority

Project type: Competition
Client: The Forks Rivertrail
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Status: Competition entry
In collaboration with Richard Black

Competition entry in collaboration with Richard Black for the annual Warming Huts contest held by The Forks Rivertrail, Winniped, Canada.

The concept of the shell starts with the analogy of the womb, an organic, warm and protective environment which protects us at our most vulnerable - a cocoon like enclosure which feels safe and inviting. From this as a starting point the hut has developed around an interior space which provides the users of the Assiniboine river with a space within which they can have a rest and shelter from the elements during the cold winter months.

The bright environment of the frozen river and the surrounding snow on the open landscape is contrasted with a dimmer, intimate space which encourages social interaction, conversation and brings people together in the same way that warming huts have done over the last century. The shell provides seating which varies in shape around its perimeter creating an fluid organic space. The exterior appearance of the shell has not been designed as such and is a direct result of the interior space, the structural requirements and the constraints of the brief; it is subsequently honest in its conception as a organic sculptural object and an artistic gesture.