Millennium Point_ Pavilion

Project type: Competition
Client: Millennium Point Trust
Location: Birmingham
Status: Competition winner
In collaboration with Jonathan Schwinge

The competition winning proposal from DM_Studio in collaboration with Jonathan Schwinge is a concise response to the brief and the site. The proposal is a modestly scaled pavilion and surrounding landscaping with the purpose of transforming this area of open space into an inviting entrance to the Millennium Point complex.

The skin of the oval shaped object stretches upwards to become a precise point in the sky. The result is an elegant sculptural object which is both subtle in its setting and striking in appearance. Twenty five meters in height, the spike marks Millennium Point from a distance and acts as a much needed place marker for the complex from the North.

As requested in the brief, the pavilion aims to promote Millennium point as a brand and as a centre for science and technology. The exterior has the Millennium Point logo inscribed with perforations into the skin and etched onto the glass with the distinct form of the object becoming a symbol of Millennium Points aspirations and values.

The design and construction of the Pavilion takes inspiration from the marine and automotive industries utilising the strength of carbon fibre and composite technologies to allow for a strong, lightweight structure which sits effortlessly on the site. The use of such construction techniques and materials are an integral part of the design and the purpose of the pavilion; in that it acts as a beacon for technological development and innovation by its design and its function.