Folly_Up & Down

Project type: Competition
Client: Socrates Sculpture Park
Location: New York
Status: Competition entry

Competition entry for a residency to design and build an architectural folly within the Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island, New York.

The object explores intersections between architecture and sculpture, and the increasing overlaps in references, concepts, and techniques between the two disciplines. The stair, which is a strong and distinguishable architectural expression is wrapped within a flowing sculptural shell which sits nestled in the landscape.

Architectural follies are structures that often have no discernible purpose, at first glace 'Up & Down' could be mistaken as such. However the object was conceived as a metaphor on life and reflection; as one walks up the stairs they are directed 180 degrees to look back from a height to where they have come from - they are then directed back to the original direction to continue their onwards journey. The metaphor is such that in life it is important to stop and look back at where we have come from and reflect on our journey gone, but ultimately we must embrace the present and look forward to the future; like the structure of the folly this is of course a balancing act.