Belvedere_Nikola Lenivets Park

Project type: Competition
Client: Nikola Lenivets project,
Festival of Landscape Objects
Location: Nikola Lenivets Park, Russia
Status: Competition entry

The inspiration for the Belvedere is the traditional Deer stand (or hut), which are found in forests and countrysides worldwide. The idea of such a structure is to blend in with the environment in order to view the surroundings with minimal impact. The hut sits 28 meters above the ground level on 4 steel stilts. It is accessed from steel stairs which wraps around the structure and are as minimal as possible to reduce the visual impact within the park. The trapezoidal form of the belvedere hut is defined by its structure. The structure is transferred from the four corners which rest on the stilts to the centre of the hut in order to allow for panoramic views which are un­interrupted by any structural elements.

At ground level, below the belvedere there is an internal space and is sunken into the landscape in order to minimise its presence in the park and to use the thermal mass of the earth to regulate internal temperatures. The floating roof protrudes from the ground in order to allow sufficient natural light into the space. It is an open plan space to allow for flexibility in its use and to maximise the natural light. The North side of the Pavilion is fully glazed leading onto a sunken courtyard so that when the facade is  fully opened the entire internal and external spaces can become one space. These spaces are accessed from the path to the North down a 8 meter wide ramp which can be used as raised seating for outside performances.

The scheme sits on a North, South grid in order to allow for easy navigation whilst viewing the surroundings from the hut. The belvedere will be a prominent landmark within the park, at night the interior of the belvedere hut will glow and will act like the North Star of the park helping give direction and a point of reference.