Project type: Competition
Client: Winterstations 2016
Location: Toronto, Canada


The Toronto Beaches are cold and windy in the winter with strong prevailing winds from across Lake Ontario. Aeolian Folly is a musical instrument which utilises the windy conditions to create music and enchantment on the beach.

The 26 ft tall architectural installation is a type of Aeolian harp. Aeolian harps are named after Aeolus, the ancient Greek god of the wind and the invention of this passive wind instrument dates back to this era. They are essentially string instruments which create weird-wonderful, strange-beautiful musical sounds when the strings are vibrated by the wind.

Aeolian Folly is a reinterpretation of this forgotten string instruments into a distinctive ‘folly’ structure which is inspired, in part, by the lifeguard stand. The red structural frame of the Lifeguard stand is reflected in the red folly structure which is fixed back to the lifeguard stand with the folly making reference to the rectilinear geometry of the stand and the rhythm of its structure with the lifeguard stand visible though the oval sound holes.